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Fixed Price

One of the ways to develop your IT project is Fixed Price. This is a contract based on a fixed budget, therefore, you’ll pay the mutually agreed amounts regardless of the number of hours worked.

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Time & Material

Time & Material is a contract based on the actual hours worked. This is a very flexible approach where you decide what is the most important for your project and what should be implemented first.

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Dedicated Team

This is a perfect solution when you need a dedicated team of developers, who will be working on your project only, yet located somewhere other than in your office.

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The mobile applications market is growing in the geometrical progression which means development should also be more aggressive and strategic. How do we do it at Grossum?

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Google revealed its new mobile browser Duo and it has been reported that Google is working on a new operating system. In the meantime, Facebook doesn’t hesitate to throw us an abundance of ads of all sorts and sizes as well as from different sources. These and other news - in our digest.

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Data analysis is one of the main IT trends of the last few years. Big data and analytics are fast-growing fields that do not only include IT companies but also other businesses. Which startups are investing their time and passion into data analysis right now?

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