Ways of cooperation

Fixed Price

One of the ways to develop your IT project is Fixed Price. This is a contract based on a fixed budget, therefore, you’ll pay the mutually agreed amounts regardless of the number of hours worked.

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Time & Material

Time & Material is a contract based on the actual hours worked. This is a very flexible approach where you decide what is the most important for your project and what should be implemented first.

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Dedicated Team

This is a perfect solution when you need a dedicated team of developers, who will be working on your project only, yet located somewhere other than in your office.

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Pokemonomania hasn’t left the developers indifferent and they have learned how to hack the game’s algorithms. In other news - Internet of Things market research, blockchain technology used in medicine, chatbot platform, and many other things. Check it out!

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Considering the amount of the information, there is a danger of losing sight of what really matters under the rubble of reports, statistics and numbers when it comes to analyzing your e-commerce business. Therefore, in the very beginning, it is smart to determine which metrics and KPIs to track.

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In the news this week: Microsoft launched their business app-store, Spark 2.0 was presented at the Spark Summit, and Apple is gathering developers to be a part of a TV show.

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