Ways of cooperation

Fixed Price

One of the ways to develop your IT project is Fixed Price. This is a contract based on a fixed budget, therefore, you’ll pay the mutually agreed amounts regardless of the number of hours worked.

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Time & Material

Time & Material is a contract based on the actual hours worked. This is a very flexible approach where you decide what is the most important for your project and what should be implemented first.

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Dedicated Team

This is a perfect solution when you need a dedicated team of developers, who will be working on your project only, yet located somewhere other than in your office.

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A bunch of big data analysis projects became open-sourced last week and the Digital Health sector is developing like yeast in a dough. Oh, and now you can pay your way in a bus using a bracelet. All this - in our digest.

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The biggest global mobile marketplaces Apple and Google decided to raise app developers’ earnings - almost simultaneously and to the same level. Android’s move of the week was to help businesses annoy users with ads and notifications. In the meantime, Microsoft is launching Apache Spark service on Azure HDInsight.

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Siri, iMessage, and Maps - these three instruments were opened for the third-party developers. This means that the features of these three instruments can now be fully implemented in their own apps.

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