Ways of cooperation

Fixed Price

One of the ways to develop your IT project is Fixed Price. This is a contract based on a fixed budget, therefore, you’ll pay the mutually agreed amounts regardless of the number of hours worked.

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Time & Material

Time & Material is a contract based on the actual hours worked. This is a very flexible approach where you decide what is the most important for your project and what should be implemented first.

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Dedicated Team

This is a perfect solution when you need a dedicated team of developers, who will be working on your project only, yet located somewhere other than in your office.

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If you’re a user, check out the news about a messenger, voice assistant, and smart speaker. If you’re a developer - there are great news about new app testing tools, development platform, and new versions of Android and Android Wear platforms.

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Check out our Weekly Digest for news on e-commerce and mobile development market outlook, artificial intelligence from Google and IoT button from Amazon, IBM Watson cyber security guard, and other!

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Let’s begin the data analysis trends’ study from learning how big data will be developing. In point of fact, “big data” and the emergence of algorithms used to work with that big data laid the foundation for the entire data analysis. Here’s our forecast about the future progress of the big data.

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