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9 Steps to Begin Your Mobile App Development

September 27th, 2016

Mobile / Product Development // Natalie

We have collected the steps you need to take before you go talk to your developers. These checklist items can be done either by you or in cooperation with an outsourced company that will implement your ideas into reality. Without much further ado…

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Weekly Digest #24: Blurring Faces No Longer Works

September 22nd, 2016

Internet of Things / IT News // Nadiya

Several groups of scientists simultaneously announced that they are working on blurred image recognition. In the meantime, neural networks are used for conventional predictive input on smartphones and Omega2, the $5 microcomputer, is finally in manufacturing stage, making a smart home a possibility for a wider range of people. This and more - in our digest.

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Weekly Digest #23: Is It Time to Fear Robots and Internet of Things?

September 15th, 2016

Internet of Things / Big Data / IT News // Nadiya

In the news this week: it turns out that WhatsApp developers don’t really like Apple and robots might take away many people’s jobs. Internet of Things also is in the news because Samsung unveiled its version of JavaScript for the IOT, there is a new real-time IOT-platform, and there’s a virus that attacks IOT-devices. Read our digest for more information.

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