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Vladimir holds a Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences and has worked in the Internet of Things field for quite some time. He enjoys finding a perfect solution for a task set before him and doesn't stop before he finds it. 


Internet of Things, one of the main trends of 2016, is developing like greased lightning. Today we’re going to talk how Internet of Things (IoT) technology is being used by large companies.

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From agriculture to warfare, from retail to medical services, every part of the human activity will experience the growing abilities of businesses’, governments’ and users’ to connect and manage their environment. We have collected a few facts and figures about the IoT industry to see what to expect in the nearest future.

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Internet of Things is a technology of the future that becomes a reality in the present. Let's try to answer the question about where things are moving - for users, businesses, as well as the developers.

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