Why You Should Consider Ukraine as Your Outsourcing Partner

December 24th, 2015

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12 Reasons to Outsource to Ukraine

Wondering whether you should outsource your web development to Ukraine or some other European country? Check out 12 reasons why Ukraine is a good choice. 

Developed IT market

Among the Eastern Europe countries, the Ukrainian IT market is one of the most developed ones. A large portion of the country's economy depends on informational technology sphere.

Lower expenses

The US and Western European countries can expect to save up to 60% of their total IT expenses when outsourcing to Ukraine. This allows for the next reason to trust us with your web development:

Attractive prices and fees

The prices in Ukraine are lower than in other European countries or the US. While India still offers even lower project costs, the quality of Ukrainian development is higher (not to mention that our developers thrive on creating innovations and solving challenges). Besides, the income taxes in Ukraine are lower, therefore the administrative fees will be lower as a result.

Time zones

Ukraine is located in the +2UTC time zone, therefore it is pretty much in the middle of Australian time and the Americas time zones. If you are located in Europe, then we have almost same working hours. This allows for easier communication because no one has to stay up too late or wake up with the sunrise to have a standup or a project discussion. This is also an important point why Ukraine is better than India (+5:30UTC), at least for the Western countries.

Lower travel expenses

If you live in Western Europe, then traveling to Ukraine would be easy - one to three-hour flight and you're in the capital. But even if you live elsewhere, foreigners have a legal right to stay in the country for 90 days visa-free - more than enough time to set up a team and discuss all the work issues, if you cannot do this online for some reason. 

NDA and other security

If you worry about the security of your project's information, your agreement with Grossum (or another Ukrainian company) and Ukrainian legislation guarantee intellectual property rights.

Educational system

The educational system in Ukraine is quite strong. Developers usually have a good education in maths and / or physics so they can often tackle problems that are technically complicated. Besides, there are many organizations like BrainBasket, the goal of which is to teach good-quality developers.

Science and technology professionals

Ukrainian population makes up only 1% of the world population. However, out of that 1% of the global population come 6% of the world's highly educated professionals in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Programming, and other technical spheres.

Available and high-quality labor

Many young people (as well as some not-so-young) are considering IT as a career path because of all the innovations and opportunities to grow and develop. This is a worldwide trend due to the popularization of programming classes and thanks to organizations like code.org

Certified professionals

Ukraine was third in the Top 50 Countries with the most certified IT professionals, just behind the US and India. This means that in Europe, Ukraine is the winner of the prize. In the "Most Master-Level Certified Nation," Ukraine came second to the United States of America.

Large number of outsourcing providers

We'd love you to outsource from Grossum, but even if, for some reason, you decide that you want to work with someone else, there are many web outsourcing providers for small and medium businesses whose development offices are located in Ukraine. 

World Ranking in Revenues

According to Elance's Global Online Employment report, Ukrainian developers occupy third place in revenues worldwide, surpassing Russia, Belarus, and Poland, taken together. 

The technologists I deal with from Ukraine have a long history of doing work in the technology field. This is due to the country’s commitment to the IT industry, which draws more of its talent. Science and math are taught from an early age. The industry receives unprecedented support from its government. Smart people are drawn there because of the chance to earn more. And for a small business like mine, the cost is incredibly low! // Gene Marks, Forbes article

Let's develop a better future together!

Author: Mykola

Having worked in IT development field as a Software Engineer, Team Lead and Head of IT department for a long time, Mr. Slobodian founded Grossum in December 2013, gathering a passionate team of professionals who together work on developing a better future. Since April 2017, Mykola is the CEO of the APP Solutions web & mobile development company that has acquired Grossum. Mykola Slobodian has participated in many IT events as a speaker. Audiences varied from first graders to IT-oriented teenagers to attendees of IT conferences. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, which helps him find solutions to all kinds of IT challenges, including the Internet of Things.

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