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Weekly Digest #23: Is It Time to Fear Robots and Internet of Things?

September 15th, 2016

Internet of Things / Big Data / IT News // Nadiya

In the news this week: it turns out that WhatsApp developers don’t really like Apple and robots might take away many people’s jobs. Internet of Things also is in the news because Samsung unveiled its version of JavaScript for the IOT, there is a new real-time IOT-platform, and there’s a virus that attacks IOT-devices. Read our digest for more information.

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The Most Interesting Data Analysis Startups

August 16th, 2016

Big Data // Mariia

Data analysis is one of the main IT trends of the last few years. Big data and analytics are fast-growing fields that do not only include IT companies but also other businesses. Which startups are investing their time and passion into data analysis right now?

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Weekly Digest #18: Smart Glass & Very Smart E-doctor

August 11th, 2016

Big Data / E-health / IT News / Internet of Things / Web / Mobile // Nadiya

Facebook builds plans to earn even more on advertising, LinkedIn has decided to help Android app developers test their products, and IBM Watson has transformed into an electronic embodiment of the well-known Dr. House last week. Another quite useful invention of the previous week is the Glassify drinking glass that offers discounts on alcohol while making sure the owner doesn’t have too much.

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