Developers' New Year Resolutions: Yoda Edition

December 29th, 2015

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Developers' New Year Resolutions according to Master Yoda

What would Yoda say about the developers' job in the coming year? What New Year Resolutions would he make? 

"Live and learn," says the old adage and it applies to everything in life. Especially in the IT world, where everything changes so fast, consider learning a new framework or even a new programming language. Besides making you an even better developer, it would open the doors to new opportunities. 

Continuing the previous point, if you don't want to learn something altogether new, you can enhance your knowledge of what you already know. For example, you can begin to utilize PHP7 or Symfony3 in your projects instead of their previous versions. 

There is a Russian saying, "One head is good, but several are better." When you are on your own, the problems you might encounter will have to be solved by you and no one else. When you engage the community, however, who knows, you might find someone who knows the solution to your challenge. 

Besides finding others' solutions to problems, realize that you also know things that others might not. Consider getting involved in educational projects - or, maybe, give a lecture or two at conferences or universities. Don't hoard that knowledge you've got.

You spend hours in front of your computer. Invest in your own comfort - get yourself a new chair or, perhaps, a better monitor. Maybe all you need is to have your table raised so you don't hunch over the desk. Whatever it is - take better care of yourself because we need you! :)

Take care of others, too. Comment your code, keep it as simple as possible so in case you'd move onto another project, other programmers would be able to continue your work without spending hours trying to understand what on earth you meant by those classes and dependencies. 

Enjoy vacation. Take some time off and pry yourself away from the computer screen. Let your eyes rest. Go snowboarding, skiing, take a walk in the park, party with friends. Whatever it is - take a break, inhale, and with a newly reborn passion attack the challenges your project presents. 

And of course, may the Force be with you.

With you, we'd like to work. A project idea, do you have?

Author: Zee

Zee is in charge of the Marketing at the APP Solutions/Grossum. Her areas of interest include quantum physics, astronomy, new trends in the web & mobile development (especially in the areas of AI and machine learning) and digital marketing instruments.

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