HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Grossum is 2 years old

December 2nd, 2015

Grossum News // Mykola

Happy birthday Grossum

Grossum is two years old now! Woo-hoo! Despite the difficulties in the IT market as well as in Ukraine as a whole, our company grew and developed and worked hard.

What have we done in a year?

  • We launched Symfony Cafe Kyiv, a series of meetings that promote Symfony framework usage. The events are targeted at those who are working with Symfony for several years as well as for newbies who are interested in learning new things. 
  • In accordance with our goal of growing and supporting Symfony Community in Ukraine, we also established cooperation with the Symfony.ua community.
  • Within our company, we got 6 newborn Symfony werewolves - those who used various frameworks before and decided to switch to Symfony. 
  • One of the projects we developed, Conarh App won the 1st place among Business Apps in Brazilian app store.
  • We have conquered five continents out of six - Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia. Now we just need to find a client in Antarctica and we'd be all over the world :) (Does anyone know of a startup there? Perhaps something like an automatic penguin feeder that's like Mars' Curiosity rover or something.) :) 
  • We have launched and completed our first contest for startups this year. Thanks to all who worked hard and who submitted their projects. We're looking forward to choosing and announcing winners on December 8, 2015. 

Company statistics: 

  • 35,140 hours of development
  • 56 projects done
  • 31 new employees
  • 8 interns

Events where we were speakers:

  • Three Symfony Cafes (Denis Malavsky, Ilya Antipenko, and Sergiy Lysyi represented Grossum)
  • PHP Frameworks day (Alexey Verkeenko shared about REST API and Symfony)
  • IT Weekend (Mykola Slobodian talked about motivation and demotivation)
  • Horizon Hub (Mykola presented a speech about IT management tools and best practices)
  • iJAMM Camp (Mykola shared with 150 teens about his adventure in IT world and how he got to be where he is right now)

We are thankful for our awesome team and for the dedication to work and we're looking forward to celebrating many more Grossum birthdays!

Author: Mykola

Having worked in IT development field as a Software Engineer, Team Lead and Head of IT department for a long time, Mr. Slobodian founded Grossum in December 2013, gathering a passionate team of professionals who together work on developing a better future. Since April 2017, Mykola is the CEO of the APP Solutions web & mobile development company that has acquired Grossum. Mykola Slobodian has participated in many IT events as a speaker. Audiences varied from first graders to IT-oriented teenagers to attendees of IT conferences. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, which helps him find solutions to all kinds of IT challenges, including the Internet of Things.

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