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June 4th, 2018

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Best Practices for Mobile App Development

We have talked about the various mobile app development options (cross-platform or native), but besides choosing what kind of mobile app, mobile site, or responsive website you'd like, there are also a few things you should take into account. Let's talk about that.


All that pinching and zooming is no fun when you need to get the information. While it is good that this option exists (when you want to see details of a picture, for example), make sure your main views are immediately legible on target devices. According to Google stats, 61% of people said that if they don't see the information they were looking for right away, they would only move to another website. 

Login / Registration

If you do need your users to log in or register to use your website to its maximum potential, be a nice person and make that process easier for them by optimizing the forms for mobile devices. Google statistic done in 2012 mentioned that 67% of mobile users said that they would be more likely to make a purchase if the registration / login forms are convenient. 


What is okay for normal computer screens, may not be efficient for mobile devices. This applies to pop-ups. If you can avoid them - do it. If you need those pop-up alerts - make sure they are optimized in size, so your users don't have a hard time trying to read it, fill out the form, or just click "Okay" and close it. Otherwise, your conversions will go down because of the time your potential customer has spent on getting through this alert.

A Little Less Conversation

If you have a website with a lot of text (for example, news articles), consider adding a "mobile-friendly" version of the articles by condensing the information. One of the reasons Twitter became so popular is because you really have to think what to write, so you fit into those 140 characters. We are not saying you have to re-write your news into a Twitter-like format but think of keeping your articles short and straightforward.


Navigation is important for websites and even more so for mobile versions of the site / app / whatever you are in the process of creating because you have to deal with less space and smaller sizes. Streamline your content, so that person with mobile access would quickly find what he or she needs. (Also, this would be helpful  for your website as well).

If you had experience with mobile development, what other things you wish you were told before you started?

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Author: Natalie

Natalie is a Project Manager who is a great team leader for her mobile development team. She is an expert when it comes to iOS and Android development and to building apps that win markets.

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