Outsourcing Web/Mobile/DevOps Services: When Should You Outsource?

June 8th, 2017

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To outsource or not to outsource - that is the question. If you have never outsourced your IT services to other companies, it might seem like a big and scary step. When should you consider outsourcing?

Access relevant expertise

Outsourcing IT services is one of the best solutions when your company does not have necessary specialists for the required task on hand. This might be because your company is small or, perhaps, the technology is new and specialists are rare.

Another great reason for outsourcing is when you need a project to be done, but you don't need to support your own IT department because it doesn't make sense and it's not cost-efficient.

Focus on your core business

Consider outsourcing to focus on the business you're doing. This is especially true for small non-IT businesses or startups. When most people working at the company are jacks-of-all-trade, in the end, they might burn out.

No one knows everything and no one should know everything. Let your marketers and PR people busy themselves with the marketing things and hire an outsourcing company, like Grossum, to create your website and create the IT infrastructure your business requires. That way, everyone will be doing what they do best and the results will be respective.

Get fresh perspectives

The companies that specialize in web/mobile development keep track of all the updates and trends that happen in the area of their expertise. This is why, if you're not focused on IT development, it's better to entrust it to professionals. This is especially important for (but not limited to) projects that deal with network security.

What not to outsource:

Do not outsource IT development if it is a part of your core business plan. If you are a technical startup that wants to build websites for a living, don't outsource everything from the start. Otherwise, you'll lose the edge and, in the long run as a result, clients. 

The exceptions to this are cases when you need peak resources or when there is a mundane task you have to do and you're not too excited about it.

Keep in mind, however, that you would have to manage the other team and explain to them how you want the job to be done or what the end result should be.

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Author: Zee

Zee is in charge of the Marketing at the APP Solutions/Grossum. Her areas of interest include quantum physics, astronomy, new trends in the web & mobile development (especially in the areas of AI and machine learning) and digital marketing instruments.

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