Prototyping Tools We Love and Use: What to Use for Project Wireframes, Mockups, and UI Prototypes?

January 12th, 2017

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Prototyping Tools We Love and Use

Prototypes are useful for verifying ideas in regards to the project's UI without spending the valuable (and expensive) developers' time on implementing those changes. Considering that user experience is a tricky thing to check, experiments are inevitable and it's better to play around with a prototype than a hard-coded app or website.

There are many online prototyping, wireframing, and mockup tools available that you can choose from. Here are our favorite ones.

If you would ask us what is the best tool for prototyping, the short answer would be InvisionApp for most (80%) of cases.

The longer answer: there is no silver bullet that would solve all your project's needs. It depends on the needed prototype fidelity level (mostly), interaction details, the platform you are developing for and of course of your experience.

Here's what our UI/UX expert and consultant says:

My personal choice is:

  1. Invision app: This one works with any fidelity, limited interaction details (one/few flows), any platform. Linking the screens, quick and cost-effective solution. Fast.
  2. Framer.js: High fidelity, limited interaction details, mobile. Mostly for micro-interactions, animations, detailed mobile flows. Slow.
  3. Raw HTML/CSS/JS: High fidelity, any interaction details, web. Medium/Slow (depends on how good you are).

Besides these, there are a lot of other good solutions, like Marvel, Origami, etc.

There are even comparison tables and articles which may help you to find the right tool for you.

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The text was originally prepared as an answer to a Quora question by Anton Parkhomenko, UI/UX Engineer / Designer.

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