Symfony Cafe Kyiv: October Meeting

October 22nd, 2015

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SymfonyCafeKyiv October Meeting

On October 8, after a long summer break, Symfony Cafe Kyiv community became active again and gathered together to discuss programming.

While waiting with baited breath for the Symfony 3.0 release scheduled for November 2015, we discussed the upcoming release of PHP7 and the role of a developer in the testing of the projects. 

One of our own Grossum developers, Serhii Lysyi, presented about the PHP7 and what features this major release will contain. Considering that PHP hasn't been updated in a long while (back in 2014 there were minor updates to PHP 5.6) and version 6.0 has miraculously disappeared without even making it to the release, November should be an interesting month for programming fans. 

Among the notable updates for the PHP are:

  • The efficiency is twice that than of previous versions of the language. Besides, it requires less memory to run. 
  • Adequate support for 64-bit
  • New operators, such as ?? and <=>
  • Many old errors and junk have been deleted
  • Anonymous classes are introduced
  • Fatal errors are an exclusion

See the full presentation below:

Another presenter, Mykhail Bodnarchuk, talked about the role of developers in setting up a PHP project for tests. 

One might assume that it is the role of QA engineers and testers to make sure that the project does not contain any bugs and errors. However, if the software engineer works in tandem with QA people, the chances are that the project will be in a better situation. 

Mykhail talked about the ways a developer can simplify the job of a QA engineer by writing the code in such a way that many tests can easily be automated and don't require long hours of tedious manual testing. 

Click here to see his presentation in full. 

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