Website Questions You'll Be Asked Before Web Development

March 17th, 2016

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What questions you need to answer regarding your website

It's spring, the beginning of all new things and perhaps you're considering website development for your project. Here are the questions you will most likely be asked, so think about your answers in advance. 

There's a joke about programmers that they always love to begin afresh and build from the ground up instead of diving deep into someone else's legacy code. However, brand new is not always the best choice (while, in many cases, it is). Take a hard look at what you have right now and decide whether it surely must leave or it can be updated. 

In case you have a website and want to improve it, think of the things you don't like (perhaps, you already know them since you've thought to re-do it).

It can't be too bad - are there things you do like about your current website?

While you're at it, think of the features you saw on other websites that you liked and mention them to your web developers as well. The clearer the initial project brief, the better the end result would be. 

Consider Apple's way of development. All iPhone models that have S in the end get a considerable functionality upgrade. The ones without S get a fresh physical look. 

Which path do you want to take for your project? (And in this case, choosing both is an option... granted, that would be a new website.)

Whether you're having a remodeling of your old project or working on a new one, the question of budget is inevitable. There are several ways to do it (Time&Material or Fixed Price) and it's up to you to decide but have an answer for this question. (Or think of additional questions you need to clarify that would help you decide.)

Some projects are not time sensitive so you can take a longer time to create. However, there are also projects that have to get on the market before anyone else does and here comes the rush. Think of the ideal time when you'd like to have your project done and it will greatly help the project managers and web developers to gauge the estimates and make them clearer and more defined. 

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Grossum Possum. He loves using Symfony2 for his projects and learning to implement Symfony3. He also likes developing web and mobile applications using other programming languages and frameworks, such as PHP and Java. In his free time, Grossum Possum likes to write about his experiences in the blog.

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