Why Use Symfony Framework for Your Project?

December 15th, 2016

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Why use Symfony framework for a project?

While a dictionary defines a framework as "a skeletal structure designed to support or enclose something," when it comes to web development, frameworks are just one of the tools. It is a bad idea to try to clone a human being without a skeleton, but with web apps and sites, you can skip this step.

So why would one need a framework at all?

The reason is simple - you can use to make the development process easier and more streamlined. Your application or website will be easier to maintain as the result because it will be clear where the necessary code is.

The process will also take less time because frameworks allow software engineers to reduce code-writing time by re-using common generic modules and concentrate on other areas of development. (Granted, this can be done even without using a framework.)

Consider cooking dinner for your family

Technically, you don't need to place all ingredients on the table before you start cooking. Even if your kitchen is big, chances are it does not take much time to reach into the fridge for the milk or into one of the cupboards to get flour. 

However, the cooking time would be reduced if you would invest some time in preparation (or get products that have been prepared beforehand, for example, tomato paste). Also, you would not have to make your own oven, shape your own metallic pot, dig up some salt, grow pepper... All this is already available.

Translating it into the web development, using a framework and modules (for example, an authentication form) could potentially save two or even three days of work that can better be dedicated to more specific tasks. Besides that, using an open-source framework (that has many contributors like in Symfony project) guarantees maintenance and upgradeability, which means that your web application will be able to endure changes over time and not become outdated technology. 

Why choose Symfony?

  • Symfony is a leading PHP framework to create web applications and websites.
  • There are 2,000+ code contributors to the framework project and 300,000+ Symfony developers.
  • Symfony embraces and promotes best practices, professionalism, standardization as well as interoperability of applications.

What are Symfony advantages for large projects for developers?

  1. There is a multitude of Symfony bundles that are usually available in open-source and that give the opportunity to implement pretty much anything in your project.
  2. Developers can use the terminal for commands due to automatization of certain actions. 
  3. Composer helps to manage the dependencies for PHP-components. Using it, you can install and update the libraries used in your projects. 
  4. Symfony framework has a Web Debug Toolbar that gives useful information about the project's profile and database queries.  

Who is using Symfony?

If you are wondering about implementing this framework into your project and want to see real-life examples, here are a few.


BlaBlaCar is an example of sharing economy projects, where people can share rides. Currently, the company is present in 22 countries around the globe and about 10 million people use its services every quarter. 

Symfony is used for the backend for the website as well as for the mobile apps. 

Vogue France & Netherlands

A fashion magazine decided to use Symfony framework for their online presence as well. Symfony is used for the backend as well as the frontend of the website. A publishing system for the platform has been created and also a customer relationship management system. 

NatGeo Play

This paid service by National Geographic allows users to watch online shows and documentaries using their computers as well as mobile devices that run iOS or Android. 


One of the world's largest music-streaming services is using the Symfony 2 framework as well. Spotify has over 75 million active subscribers, 20 million of which pay for their subscription. 600,000 queries are processed every second and over half of the traffic is accounted for by mobile devices. 

Numerous other websites are using the framework. You can see the showcase here.

More and more projects are using Symfony PHP framework and you can see their number growing on the chart below (according to BuiltWith Trends):

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