Big Data Analysis


2016 brought new trends and developments in the field of business intelligence and data analysis. Analysts predict the emergence of new forms of data analysis that will give businesses new opportunities and advantages.

Thanks to data analysis, businesses will be able to discover new ways of working, find new marketing strategies, new markets, and new areas to tackle.

Collecting more and more data of various types and analyzing it, companies will be able to create more complex visual models that will, in turn, help to predict the development of certain situations and assess the consequences of different options chosen in those situations. 

For example, data analysis will help to investigate the consumer goods basket to see what customers are buying and what would they like to buy. Another example - data analysis will allow calculating the effects of different business steps, for instance, the price increase for some or all goods, change in goods’ placement on the shelves, or change of product descriptions on the e-commerce website pages.

Grossum offering

We offer you our experience in developing the architecture for the high load and big data projects as well as the actual development of the project and subsequent QA. We also offer 24/7 support for such systems. 



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Architecture in big data solutions is one of the most important steps, considering the amount of data for analysis. Whether you are developing a project from the very start or revamping it, taking a look at the architecture of your project will help you identify challenging areas and streamline the processes.


We have extensive experience in developing complex solutions (including high load projects) using Symfony, PHP, Java, and other technologies your project might require.


Making sure that your project works perfectly and does all that what was expected of it on all platforms you need, our QA engineers check and test the project. This isn't simply "finding errors" but making sure that your project meets the requirements.


We use Agile methodology in all our work. This includes planning ahead and yet staying relatively flexible to the ever-changing market needs. The development is done in iterations, so you can see progress.

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mediacloud (Ukraine)

Backend solution for video portal system (as well as other projects). Media streaming service that utilizes open-source media and torrent systems. Users can get access to high-quality content like movies, cartoons, TV shows, and other.


nster (USA, Brazil)

Founded in 2012, Nster is a fast growing technology company focused on the purchase, sale, and exchange of high quality website traffic. In relatively short time Nster has become a leading supplier of consistent and targeted traffic for hundreds of websites in the US, Europe, and beyond.

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