A few years ago, DevOps wasn't even a term. Nowadays we hear it more and more often used in business settings when it comes to servers and web/mobile development. What is DevOps? It stands for Development Operations and is at the heart of software development, quality assurance, and infrastructure.

Benefits of using DevOps for your project include: 

  • Faster development process - due to paying more attention to streamlining all the infrastructural parts and making all necessary tools available for developers, so they can focus on actual development.
  • Processes automation - due to continuous integration and delivery practices
  • Optimized efficiency and lowered costs - due to project’s monitoring and maintenance as well as easier scalability since all this affects the production environment in a good way.
  • Less stress

Grossum offering

Grossum DevOps services include a full stack of available options. We can set up the server system, monitor and improve its security using continuous integration and delivery. Our server systems are easily scalable to fit any business need. Finally, no need to worry that "something might go wrong" because we offer 24/7 support.



"It's all going to be great."
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We take care of GitLab, deployment of your projects, monitor the servers, and improve the security. We practice continuous integration to add another layer of safety for your project and eliminate possible errors.


We make sure the project's architecture has what the project requires (server side and technology pool). We also install, setup, and support tools for processes (like Jira or Confluence).


We are available 24/7, keeping the hand on the pulse of your project to make sure all servers and infrastructure works as they should. No need to worry.


We practice continuous delivery to make sure that your project can be reliably released at any time, reducing the costs, time, and risks of the development.


nster (USA, Brazil)

Founded in 2012, Nster is a fast growing technology company focused on the purchase, sale, and exchange of high quality website traffic. In relatively short time Nster has become a leading supplier of consistent and targeted traffic for hundreds of websites in the US, Europe, and beyond.

RecruitPitch (USA)

Free pre-interview audio audition tool that allows emloyers set tasks and then review the results of the candidates using audio

Brinfy (Ukraine)

Brinfy brings together those people who want to send something from one place to another and those who are willing to help with the delivery.

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