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The main idea behind shareconomy is not to buy a service or material goods so as to own it or use it alone. Instead, it’s the idea of sharing the benefits of the service or goods with other people.

Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns zero cars.
Facebook, the world's most popular media company, creates no content.
Alibaba, the world's most valuable e-store, carries no stock. 
Airbnb, the world's largest accommodation provider, has no property of their own.

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Our developers have worked on several projects related to the field of sharing economy and know the demands of this kind of projects, including the security, various user types, payment options, and infrastructure setup.



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Whether you are developing a project from the very start or revamping it, taking a look at the architecture of your project will help you identify challenging areas and streamline the processes.


We have extensive experience in developing complex solutions (including e-commerce, big data, and high load projects) using Symfony, PHP, Java, and other technologies your project might require.


Making sure that your project works perfectly and does all that what was expected of it on all platforms you need, our QA engineers check and test the project. This isn't simply "finding errors" but making sure that your project meets the requirements.


We use Agile methodology in all our work. This includes planning ahead and yet staying relatively flexible to the ever-changing market needs. The development is done in iterations, so you can see progress.

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RecruitPitch (USA)

Free pre-interview audio audition tool that allows employers set tasks and then review the results of the candidates using audio.


Brinfy (Ukraine)

Brinfy brings together those people who want to send something from one place to another and those who are willing to help with the delivery.

WizzLuck Dating App

WizzLuck (France)

WizzLuck is a dating application with an ability to meet people that are close to where you live as well as cool features to make meeting new people a fun experience. The app will send a random pickup line for a chosen person - just shake your phone to get started!

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If you have ever needed to deliver something, you probably thought “Oh, perhaps, one of my friends is going there” at least once. How does crowdshipping business work and what are the business journey parts?

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The country is known for its windmills, tulips, and riding bicycles, but also the Netherlands (aka “Holland”) is quite active in supporting new businesses that spring up. Check out the Dutch startups that are changing the business and personal world around us.

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By now, sharing economy ceased to be a novelty and became a stable trend instead. Positive forecasts and rapid growth pace in this area attract the attention of experts and ordinary consumers. How will it affect the business world?

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