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Quality Assurance is not simply making sure there are no errors in the code, but making sure that the app or site work the way the user would expect it to.

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Whenever we develop web products or mobile apps, no project goes without meticulous quality assessment. This is done not because we don't trust our developers to do a good job writing the code, but because QA engineers make sure a mere mortal user will be able to use the app or site.



All the code and tasks are checked and thoroughly tested by our QA specialists. This check allows preventing defects from occurring in the first place by the implementation of procedures and policies.


"Don't ask me to re-read what I wrote. I will see exactly what I intended." To avoid this common issue, code review helps to find the errors in the code before it causes any trouble further down the line.


We practice test-driven development where tests dictate the way the code should be written instead of vice versa. This helps to avoid errors right away as well as keeps the code streamlined.


We offer QA support as a part of the SLA to make sure that you're not left on your own after the main development phase is over and the product is launched.

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Syneco ERP (Austria)

A consulting company that offers practical consultation and support in the field of sustainable development with experts from the fields of business, technology, science, and law who work closely together.

Biudee Mobile App for Clear Skin

Biudee (Denmark)

An app created to make it easier to monitor and keep one's health and beauty under control.


Dot3 (Canada)

The app for organization and finding events that are taking place near your location.

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As the projects become more and more complex and more things should be tested, automated testing becomes your friend. In this article, we’ll take a look at the automating API tests using Python.

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Quality assurance is one of the key elements of success and the mark of a good QA engineer is his/her efficiency (that, and attention to details). Thankfully, there are many tools that help QAs. We're going to take a look at running Selenium tests using Docker.

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There’s a saying that the only one who doesn’t err is the one who doesn’t do anything. Ordinary people learn from mistakes and try to avoid them in future. Bugs in software aren’t so obvious sometimes it is quite difficult to spot them. This is where Quality Assurance (QA) engineers come into play. Learn what they do and why is it critical for your business.

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