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Symfony is a PHP framework that is used for complex projects like BlaBlaCar (check out other projects that use Symfony here.)

Why do you need a framework instead of clean PHP? The reason is simple - you can use to make the development process easier and more streamlined. Your application or website will be easier to maintain as the result because it will be clear where the necessary code is. The process will also take less time because frameworks allow software engineers to reduce code-writing time by re-using common generic modules and concentrate on other areas of development. (Granted, this can be done even without using a framework.)


  • Project development is faster (due to the fact that developers don't need to redevelop generic features, like the form management, instead of focusing on the real application's challenges)
  • Symfony is a leading PHP framework to create web applications and websites
  • There are 2,000+ code contributors to the framework project and 300,000+ Symfony developers
  • Symfony embraces and promotes best practices, professionalism, and standardization

Grossum offering

Grossum is a Symfony development company. We offer you our experience in developing Symfony projects - from architecture and setting up the processes to the actual project's development and quality assurance.

We have the best Symfony developers.



"Everything can be done. The question is how much time and money it'll take."
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Whether you are developing a project from the very start or revamping it, taking a look at the architecture of your project will help you identify challenging areas and streamline the processes.


Symfony is used as backend solution for both web & mobile projects as well as a frontend for web projects. We have extensive experience in developing complex solutions (including big data and high load projects) using Symfony (as well as other technologies)


Making sure that your project works perfectly and does all that what was expected of it on all platforms you need, our QA engineers check and test the project. This isn't simply "finding errors" but making sure that your project meets the requirements.


We use Agile methodology in all our work. This includes planning ahead and yet staying relatively flexible to the ever-changing market needs. The development is done in iterations, so you can see progress.


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