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There were times when all you really needed was the functionality and features. However, as those have evolved and our bars were raised, wonderfully streamlined code without user-friendly frontend is not enough.

Wondering what do UX / UI stand for? Think of a human body. The code that gives your product a structure are the bones. Accessibility, usability, and pleasure from interacting with your website / project (that is, UX - User Experience) are the organs that provide life support to your "body." Finally, the User Interface (UI) is what everyone sees - the beauty of the body with make-up applied or natural beauty revealed (up to personal preferences.)

Grossum offering

Besides the simple graphic design that everyone usually thinks of, we also provide such services as design audit & research, strategy & architecture, and finally, help streamline the user interface & user experience to make your project pleasant and desirable for the visitor to use.



"Less is more. Especially when it comes to design."
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To make sure the design fits the business, we don't simply begin creating graphics, but rather we study and research your business and target audiences to fit their needs better. Same applies to redesigning – we audit your current design, identify challenging issues, and address them.


We take into account your project's architecture to make sure that all the required information is at its ideal place and nothing is forgotten. We also consider your business' strategic steps in creating our designs.


Making sure that your visitors and clients enjoy using your website or application, we focus on streamlining the processes for the user so that your project is pleasing to see and to use.


We create the graphical representation of your project – be it a mobile application or a website (or both). This includes creating custom icons, choosing the right fonts for the audience, and graphics that support your business idea.


Ekipazh Service (Ukraine)

One of the biggest food ordering online systems in Ukraine.

Geopak (USA)

Enhance your hunting adventure! With augmented reality, you get to see where your hunting friends are in real-time, including their direction and status. You can also plan your hunt in advance and once the hunt is over, analyze the stats.

RoadCube (Greece/USA)

RoadCube provides a price comparison for car services such as gas, parking, carwash and repair and allows to pay right away.

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