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3.4 billion users are connected to the Internet today (that number is growing every minute) and people already got used to the fact that they can find the information they need online. If a company doesn't have a website, then there's something wrong with that company, right?

However, web development doesn't only mean simple representative websites for companies and personal blogs. Web development we are focused on at Grossum involves challenging projects like e-commerce or e-health or FinTech internet applications, where software is born.

Grossum offering

We offer you full-cycle web development - from setting up server infrastructure, processes, and figuring out the architecture, to the actual development of the project and quality assurance. We use Agile methodology in the development and other business processes, helping your project to adapt to the changing market demands.



"To be irreplaceable, one must change all the time."
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Whether you are developing a project from the very start or revamping it, taking a look at the architecture of your project will help you identify challenging areas and streamline the processes.


We have extensive experience in developing complex solutions (including e-commerce, big data, and high load projects) using Symfony, PHP, Java, and other technologies your project might require. Besides development, we can also offer design services.


Making sure that your project works perfectly and does all that what was expected of it on all platforms you need, our QA engineers check and test the project. This isn't simply "finding errors" but making sure that your project meets the requirements.


We use Agile methodology in all our work. This includes planning ahead and yet staying relatively flexible to the ever-changing market needs. The development is done in iterations, so you can see progress.

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Syneco ERP (Austria)

A consulting company that offers practical consultation and support in the field of sustainable development with experts from the fields of business, technology, science, and law who work closely together.


RecruitPitch (USA)

Free pre-interview audio audition tool that allows employers set tasks and then review the results of the candidates using audio.


Brinfy (Ukraine)

Brinfy brings together those people who want to send something from one place to another and those who are willing to help with the delivery.

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Time & Material model of outsourcing is a contract based on the actual hours worked. This is a very flexible approach where you decide what is the most important for your Project and what should be implemented first. Perfect solution when you need to quickly adapt to the market demands.

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